The Aftermath of Police Brutality

The Aftermath of Police Brutality- A Documentary

Videos of black men and women being murdered by police officers, is imagery that has become a far-too-common visual in many homes across the world. On July 19, 2015, Da’Shonda Reid lost her fiancee, and the biological father to three of her children, Samuel DuBose, who was pulled over for a missing front license plate. Within 6 minutes of what should have been a minor traffic offense Mr. DuBose was fatally shot in the head by former University of Cincinnati police officer, Raymond Tensing. Hamilton County Prosecutors charged Ray Tensing with Murder and Involuntary Manslaughter in two separate trials, where each case ended with a hung jury. Currently, the Ohio Attorney General is reviewing the case to see if any of Mr. DuBose’s civil right’s were violated. The purpose of the documentary is to shed light on how the many unjustifiable homicides committed by police officers, have an affect on the children left behind, and communities that struggle with bridging the gap of trust in law enforcement. “Your support in bringing this documentary to life, would allow my team the opportunity to give an in-depth look at how the children left behind, are affected by these countless tragedies; and what must be done in order to sustain mental and emotional health. Being able to somehow find the strength and courage to go on in the eye of the storm.” -Da’Shonda Reid


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