I’m Na’Kiima L. Reid, a young woman with big dreams of serving others through human rights work, and through creative expression of self. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, to two intellectuals who have instilled in me, my foundation of strength, endurance, perseverance, spirituality, and morals.

Though I am the only child that my parents conceived together, I am the oldest to 11 siblings, and 13 step-siblings. I take my position in my family seriously, and hope to be a beacon of inspiration for them, extended family, and all others who I embrace as my family.

From elementary to high school, I attended The School for the Creative and Performing Arts, in Downtown, Cincinnati, as a vocal major. From there, I went on to study Political Science, English, and Philosophy at the University of Cincinnati. Mid studies at the university, I left and traveled to Beijing, China, where I taught English for 15 months.

The time I spent in China was a wonderfully enlightening experience that opened me up to knowledge of culture, spiritual practices, and people, that I had no prior experience of. Since then, I have been on a journey of self growth– mentally, emotionally, and spiritually– hoping that I can learn the present conditions of all of mankind, in order to be able to effectively provide service to this world.

Shortly after my return home though, my family and I lost my step-father, Samuel DuBose, to unjust police brutality. It was this experience that made me shut the rest of the world out and retreat emotionally. It was during this time that I reverted back to my life-long creative outlet as a means of self-healing. It is now, that I am ready to share myself through my craft of writing, to the rest of the world. It is also this experience that pushes me forward in achieving my goals more than ever.

NLR Writes was established to share and discuss creative writing pieces that focuses on subjects of race, human rights issues, spirituality, politics, and more. I hope to not only provide creative writings of this sort, but articles and opinion pieces about them as well. I do believe that in times of injustice, turmoil, reflection, and growth, some of the most beautiful pieces of literature, and poetry are created.

With that mind, NLR Writes will be the medium in which that creativity can be shared.

NLR Writes poetry

NLR Writes truth

NLR Writes for the voiceless, and for the youth

NLR Writes opinions

NLR Writes politics

NLR Writes is creativity

Using words that’s bound to

Resonate, and stick

NLR Writes what ought to be

And that which ought not

NLR Writes

Intellectual, Creative, Thought

-Na’Kiima L. Reid