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Ancestral Tree

What is our intrinsic connectedness to trees? What can be said our family roots? Find out in "Ancestral Tree" by Na'Kiima Reid


Our very future depends on the youth that come behind us
I sit here and pay homage to
One of our ancestors
Commonly known as the tree
Such a beautiful ancestor
Is he
Is she
Is we…
To have roots so well implanted
To stand firm and stand its ground
While changes are happening all around
It is this ancestor and others alike
Who have made it possible
For my
Your… she… his.. Our… Life.
We must honor our ancestors
Protect them
And pass them on
To those who come behind us
That… is the true essence of love
To care so deeply for a part of you
That you’ve never met
Probably never will
But to create roots that are so strong
That their branches produce flowers… still
I must pay homage to my ancestors before me
Who knew that this beautiful tree
Would be the very essence of my being
That they entrusted, and that they instilled
That they believed in me
To carry out their strong and embedded legacy…

So many branches
So many fruits
If we cut off all the branches
What fruits will be left for our youth
And even still, if we forget
And remove our embedded roots…
Then we disconnect ourselves
From our future fruits
Our youth
So as I pay homage and honor my ancestral tree
I ask you
To give me strength
To stand firm and just be…
To be so sure of my presence
And what it means for all of me
That no matter how many times someone tries to cut me down
I will forever be that tree
And even if I’m a stump
I am still what I will always be
The strong
Strongly embedded
Standing tall
Most important, needed… ancestral
The tree
So what can I say of our connectedness ancestor
Other than
I am you… you are me
I appreciate all that you have endured
All that you have seen
In order to sustain life
For me… we
For we are all one in unity



Ancestral Tree by Na'Kiima Reid

And if we stand as one
As the tree does, with others…
Then we grow beautiful jungles
Wildernesses and forests
And we become so dense
That to penetrate the few does not
Penetrate the masses
And only when we are overgrown like the wild
Will the saws stop coming
At our branches
For no one
Dare to be so bold
To go alone
Against the multitude of trees
For if they do
There’s a possibility
Of forever being lost amongst its leaves
Amongst its seeds…

And its self checking capabilities
Is what man needs to learn
Its what we need
But not in the sense of getting rid of people upon the earth
But in the sense of fixing
Our emotional, and spiritual, and mental needs
For, they’ve been outweighed thus far
By fear
And by greed
Greed of resources that
Are not of any human need
But only when
People come to realize this,
Burden… self imposed burden
That they’ve placed upon themselves
Can they be freed

We do not need prison systems
We need people correctional systems
For capitalism is a mental disease
For capitalism feed no human necessities
But only that of greed
Which has led man
To begin the cutting of our trees
To begin the disconnectedness from our future youth
What can we offer them?
What can we offer them but the truth?
And the truth…
And the truth is what will set us free
From this mental disease that capitalism feeds
Called greed


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