What can I say of my journeys thus far

Other than, it being guided by my ancestors

Those within the stars

Aligned and Intune with my spiritual needs

Lead me on a quest like Johnny; planting seeds

Surrounded by protectors of my light

Gives assurance that my quest must be right

I’m a drifter searching for a home

But as I drift along my quest

I find, there must be none

Other than the home-like qualities I meet in others

I’ve gained adopted sisters, brothers, fathers, and mothers

Grateful to each who have come into my life

Sources of guidance, protectors of my light


Has a way of giving you what you need

I’m learning it is these necessities you must use

In order to succeed

To not acknowledge this, would be to discard my

Ancestors’ fruits

Essentially rendering them of no use

For if I do that

It would be myself, my family, my ancestors

Who would lose

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