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Meditation has gained momentum in the Western world, but what is it that the individual goes through during this enlightenment process? Take a look into the mind in MEDITATION

I step out into the void

Searching and calling for other souls

In isolation I wait

But the only voice I hear

Is my own

In echoes… choes… choes…

I call out asking if anybody’s there

But my own echo responds

Only deepening my despair

But where

Are the others, and why am I the only one


So blinded by the darkness

I aimlessly reach around

I come upon and feel bodies

But they themselves

Their souls

Make no sound

Why am I awoke and the others remain


Now the ground I stand upon is falling from my feet

And the void that I’ve entered is now vast

Now deep

Why cant these bodies feel my presence

Why won’t my calling wake them their sleep?

Why must I walk this void alone

Why can’t I escape its grips, find light, and

Set myself free?

Why must I continuously  reach out

But not find

Spirits that are like mine?

Those who are woke in this void

But in its darkness, made blind

I can’t be the only one searching for the light

Searching for some sign or

The mere presence of life


Does this void even exist

And in my quest to find others awake

I persist

But wait?

What is this?

A sign of life? A sign that I

May not be so desolate all along?

For somewhere in the void

Somewhere in this darkness

A glimmer of light has shown

But where did it come from

And why now, is it gone?

Could it be that my hope has my

Mind-sight go wrong?

I close my eyes

And go blinder than blind

I sit quietly in this emptiness

And find it quite fine

A state of peace

Of silence

A moment for my brain not to think

And when I open my eyes

To my surprise

That glimmer of light is now bursting

Emitting from my body…

That light all along

That I searched for

Was inside of me


In this void

Was it,

Set free

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