NLR Writes Forum

Welcome to the new NLR Writes forum page, where you can share your thoughts with others and engage in active communication of the topics that are written on our site. We want all persons to feel that they can share their viewpoints and beliefs, so with that, there are a few rules we hope that you consider:

  1. Everyone is entitled their own opinion. If what is said goes against your beliefs, try to come to an understanding through deeper communication. Ask questions on why and where these beliefs come from.
  2. With that being said, NLR Writes will not tolerate derogatory remarks, name calling, threats, or language that belittles another. Our goal is to have important and needed conversations, but if you feel that you are being provoked by another person to type in an ill manner, take a step back, and come back later.
  3. Remember that every person must come to an understanding on their own terms, if you feel that what you are saying is not resonating, then it’s okay to speak your peace, and let it go. You can be rest assured that you’ve most likely planted a seed in the mind that needs it.
  4. Enjoy being engaged with others in thoughtful conversation. Enjoy that you have the ability to share your own thoughts with others. More importantly, know that your voice, your thoughts, your ideas, your whole being, is needed in these conversations. That what you have to offer–your experiences and all– is what will expand and progress these conversations, and the people engaged in them, to a higher enlightenment that is needed.

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