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What does it truly mean to be free? This philosophic question is explored in a spiritual poem that defines true freedom.

I must look to the moon,

I must look to the trees,

I must look to the stars,

Before I begin to realize

Who and what I am 

Who and what we are


All small particles

But the manifestation of one being;

Of varying differences we may appear to be 

Our similarity is the quest of

Just being.


To come into peace

With who we are

Because all that is around you,

Is within you-

The moon,

The trees,

The stars,


Did someone tell the star how to

Gleam its light?

Did someone tell the tree

To stand tall

Throughout all of its perils,

Its earthly fights?

Did someone tell the moon

To always follow in pursuit

And shine light

Upon the darkness; upon the night?


No ;

For if someone told

The moon, the trees, the stars

Who, and what, they are

And how it is that they should be

The very essence of their being

Thus becomes corrupted–lacking its natural purity.

For they’ve always been true in their essences

Of who and what they are,

Simply in their being.


Why can we not see those same essences

Within us

That exemplify

Within the moon, the trees, and the stars?

We must remove all labels,

All identifications,

And just be.

And that is when we will find

The beauty of life

Of living-

Of just being.


Who am I?

Is the question I ask all of we…

We are all that is around us

That is how we are truly free.

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