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Operation Martial Law

"These particular bubbles of people have a history that is based in the very foundation of this country's creation. That's a long time for research and study into these particular groups-- their collective motives, their collective triggers, and the expected outcome of reaction from their group--to be had. That would make these bubbles an easier target of manipulation, in order to create the desired outcome."

Back in 2013, I left the US and traveled to teach in Beijing, China. I was there for a year and a half, and enjoyed every moment of it. In that experience I learned a lot: about myself, about the Chinese, their ways of being; but what I learned that was most revealing to me, was the objective view I had gained of America during the time I was away.

A year before my leaving, Trayvon Martin had been murdered by George Zimmerman, and months before my departure, Zimmerman was found not guilty on all accounts of murder. This troubled not only myself, but millions of other black people in America. And it was on that day of July 13, 2013, the day that Zimmerman was found not guilty, that Black Lives Matter was founded. It was also on that day, and days and months before, even, that black people took to the streets to express their anger, hurt, frustration, and overall feelings of being fed-up with the racist systems of America.

Trayvon Martin NLR Writes-Operation Martial Law
Time Square protests after non-guilty verdict in Zimmerman trial 2013.

A year and four days after the none guilty verdict of Zimmerman, Eric Garner was murdered by NYPD on July 17, 2014; and just a month later, on August 9, 2014, Mike Brown was murdered by white officer Darren Wilson.

Eric Garner NLR Writes- Operation Martial Law

louis-head-father-of-mike-brown-killed-by-ferguson-mo-police NLR Writes-Operation Martial Law
Mike Brown’s father.

Watching all of this take place was heart wrenching, and devastating to say the least. I was angered by the blatant acts of murder that were taking place; I felt that I was powerless through my being so far away and not able to contribute to the movement in a way that was present. But what I had, watching it all from a far, was the ability to look at the larger picture.

I saw my black brothers and sisters be justifiably upset, march, demand justice–and in turn, they were met with massive police force, name calling of thugs and law breakers, and with an overall hostile white media and government. What I saw was more than just independent police killings, but instead, it was a system that was created to purposefully incite anger within the black community–to get the reactions of violence and chaos– so that martial law can be easily implemented through scare tactics.

Media Sensations

For years black people in America have spoken out about the violent acts of police brutality, and corrupt cops who make up false charges; but it is only in recent years, with the use of technology, that these are being caught on film. Many would say that this a great technological advance that can be used to incriminate corrupt cops and validate the truths that black people have been speaking for years. BUT unfortunately, even with the use of dash cams, body cams, camera phones and the such, killer cops are still getting the benefit of the doubt from white media. So what is it?

Well to say it out right, white people have become so immune to the murders and deaths of black people, because it is something that they have been groomed to be desensitized to. White people love saving and documenting their violent acts.It’s what the whole of American history is. For them, that shows great conquest and superiority over the people they’ve killed. To see the dead carcasses that came from their own doing, for them, solidifies their false superiority over others. It’s what gives them validation that they are the “superior” race: to see white faces standing over the dead body of any person not white (this even extends to animals as you’ll see them hunting for game). It’s deeply embedded within their psyche.

Pick a Nigger Picnics NLR Writes-Operation Martial Law

Branding of Slaves in Brazil NLR Writes-Operation Martial Law

So while the use of media would seem to be an incriminating tool, it instead is being used as a desensitization tool on white people who strongly identify as white.


Beside the desensitization that white people have undergone to seeing black bodies as anything other than an occurrence that is expected to happen; there are the stereotypes of black people, that white people use to justify the actions of these killer cops. These stereotypes didn’t just happen, they’ve been ingrained into the America psyche since it’s inception. And furthermore these stereotypes have been perpetuated through our media.

Stereotypes of this sort include:

  • That all black people are violent. This one can seen in many uses of media, some include the original “Birth of A Nation,” or any movie made by white writers, producers, directors, with a black character involved.
    • When the original Birth of a Nation was made (originally titled The Clansman), it was propaganda to incite fear to the white public to vote for harsher penalties against black men. Jails needed prisoners, businesses needed cheap labor, and whites wanted to get rid of blacks. For them and the system that was created, it was a win-win strategy. It’s the same strategy being used today also.
  • Black men are all thugs who are easily triggered and can become a threat for any white person, at any moment.
    • Refer to the comments section of any story where the victim is black, and the murderer white; the term thug will be used as justification for the victims’ death, even if facts of the matter say otherwise.
  • Black women always have attitudes and are rude for no reason.
    • Black women are the realist. We stopped shucking and jiving a long time ago, and decided to no longer be anyone’s mammy. Any attitude given, I’m sure, is for a reason; but this allows for the black women’s voice to be dismissed as being the same old angry black woman persona.

The use of these stereotypes within media repeatedly, asserts to others who have no real knowledge of black people, that these are  true. So when a white cop says that he feared for his life, the historical use of these stereotypes, allows others to believe that what the cop encountered, was the “stereotypical black person” who is deserving of brutal and non human treatment. That these stereotypes alone, give justification to white fear, without ever being true.

White “Supremacy”

People keep saying that there’s a “re-emergence” of white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and the rest of the terms that describe people who identify as white supremacists; but this would imply that those people went away and then came back. They’ve never been gone, they’ve always been here–in the very fabric of America and every one of it’s institutions, are these people there.

In the school systems, they’re there; in government agencies, they’re there; police stations, they’re there; local churches, they’re there. The fact that people seem to think that there was some sort of mass exodus of these people, or that they all died out when Obama was selected, or that they woke up one day and changed their minds, is shocking to me. These people have existed and presently exist, and are fulfilling their roles to continue the legacy of racism within their respective sector.

In a world that is becoming more politically correct (yet morally blind), these types of people have learned that it is best for them to keep their ideologies and thoughts to only themselves and other whites; but with the emergence of Donald Trump, they feel that they have a leader who is outspoken enough, to where they too, can speak out their secret selves.  But it is in their being identified that, this group becomes the object of observation, and learned; thus knowledge of the group’s emotional triggers are known, and used as a manipulation tool against them.

Race- Bubbles

Being within a bubble means, being in a group or category of people, who can be studied on demographics of age, race, nationality, gender, sex, and any other identifying marker. By coming to understand these different bubbles, knowledge of how to incite these groups as a whole, becomes attained also; and this knowledge gives insight on how the group becomes emotional charged as a unit.

Black people are justifiably acting in our anger and frustration of being denied our basic human rights. So throughout historical injustices, we have expressed those feelings outwardly, through marches, protests, and use of freedom of speech.

Cincinnati_Riot__April_9__2001_Confrontration_at_Cincinnati_Police_Headquarters NLR Writes-Operation Martial Law
Cincinnati race riots 2001

Cincy 2001 NLR Writes-Operation Martial LawDetriot Race Riots NLR Writes-Operation Martial LawRace Riots NLR Writes 2-OPERATION MARTIAL LAWTulsa Race Riots NLR Writes-Operation Martial Law

It goes without saying, that this sort of violence against a group of people would rightly incite such emotional reactions. That it is a trigger to see life of another taken, repeatedly, in unjustifiable acts of murder.

While not as severe as seeing members from your group being executed by the state, the bubble of these neo-Nazis, white “supremacists”, and all alike, is triggered through their hate for black and colored advancement (for the sake of this article we will focus on race, but the bubble theory applies to gender/sex, abilism, and all the sorts of categorizing that can be done). So having a black president who established a diverse cabinet, would be a trigger for this group. Seeing positions that were historically held by white men be taken over by colored people, women, and LGBTQ people, is their trigger.

I’m not explicitly saying that the violent acts against blacks are being manufactured to garnish a response; or that the inclusiveness of non-whites is intentional to incite rage. What I am saying, is that these acts are being broadcast through media outlets as a means to get the studied-to-be-true results quicker, and with the intention of the specific bubbles exploding upon the other. That the desired outcry from blacks, and the sought after rage of whites is being manipulated to create a race war of a large magnitude.

Military State

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”-Sun Tzu

These particular bubbles of people have a history that is based in the very foundation of this country’s creation. That’s a long time for research and study into these particular groups– their collective motives, their collective triggers, and the expected outcome of reaction from their group–to be had. That would make these bubbles an easier target of manipulation, in order to create the desired outcome.

So what exactly makes me believe that the desired outcome is martial law enforcement? Well, when I was in China watching the riots in Ferguson take place, I saw that civilians in this country were met with military grade weaponry; that the government and it’s killer cops, were willing and prepared, to turn on the very civilians that it claims to protect and serve. That much like the media propaganda of the past, we were seeing black people being reverted to those same stereotypes; that news and media outlets were instigating fear into the white psyche once again, rather than addressing the underlying issue of why there were protests and outcries to begin with.

That on the other end, there were white people arming themselves and initiating conflict at the Black Lives Matter protests; that people who identify as white were protesting to protect the lives of these killer cops. That Donald J. Trump was given a platform to further add fuel to the fire. That the overall result of military prepped police forces that are armed against its very civilians, and act as an entity that restricts basic civil rights, is that which is martial law.

That when I came home from China, and shared my thoughts on the initiation of martial law, I said that if this were the case, then the same event that took place in Ferguson, would happen in Cincinnati. I knew that an act of police brutality within Cincinnati would garnish the desired reaction of what happened in 2001 when innocent black man, Timothy Thomas, was shot 17 times by officers who thought his wallet was a gun. And though I believed this to be true, I never thought that it would hit so close to home. That the very act that I foresaw happening in my city, would be at the expense of me losing someone so close. It hit hard.


What we are seeing is strategy that is being pushed through social media (which literally keeps you within a bubble of information that is based on your personal preference), and news broadcasting (that is heavily repetitive and owned by the same corporations anyway), as means to manipulate these bubbles of groups against one another. An explosion of such magnitude would be grounds for the implementation of martial law.


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