The Aura of Food

GMO foods are controversial for a reason; but did you know that they can alter your DNA?

You are what you eat,” seems to be a saying that is used willy-nilly. But when you really take that message into account, it’s a real deep saying!

Think about the many food products that are processed, preserved, murdered, genetically modified, and being consumed by you and your family on a daily basis! It’s nerve racking to think about (I KNOW), but it’s a thought that we must have, and consider, in order to be real with ourselves and our future well-being.


Since the 1700’s you can find traces of farmers using selective breeding to get the desired crops needed. But what we presently know as a genetically modified organism, wasn’t introduced into the marketplace until 1990. That means that for less than 30 years this new kind of processed food has been on the market, and with very little research into the long-term effects of its consumption on the human body.

So what exactly is a GMO? Well, in short it is an organism (in this case, food) that has been introduced with the DNA of another organism, that would not happen naturally; or it has been introduced to man-made chemicals. What is the need for GMO foods? Well, they were created to fight off insects, pests, and weeds; but also to have longer shelf lives for consumers. Others would claim that they were made to combat food shortages for the 7 billion people on Earth.

Supporters of this altered food, make the previous claims as being reasons for why the rest of us should be grateful to gmo’s. But, they ignore a very important fact about the relationship that man has directly with food. That being, our food has the ability to affect and change our genomes within our DNA; having the ability to activate, or deactivate a wide range of illness, and overall health related issues within us, and our future generations. This fact has been studied and tested through the process of nutrigenomics.

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t like the idea of some scientist (in this case, evil, only because I don’t know their intentions nor who they work for), thinking of ways to change my essential DNA code through use of my diet.

Not just that, but the GMO foods that you are eating and consuming are essentially dead!

aura of food energy nlr writes

Everything is energy. Even the food that you eat. And if the fruits and vegetables of the world are lacking in energy, then we’re all f*&% to say the least. You mean to tell me that the start of the food chain, the organism that absorbs the most energy from the sun, has been modified to where its energy production is lowered? That the aura of our foods no longer shine colorful life that makes you want to, taste the rainbow; but instead fills you with what might as well be a bowl of waxed fruits? That the “modification” of these organisms are changing what our natural genomes read, and producing, who knows what,  because there’s a lack of study to determine the overall effect of these zombie foods!? Or better yet, that the zombie apocalypse has arrived, since, you are what you eat, and you most certainly are eating death.

The idea and the reasons behind gmo foods, I completely understand. I do not fight against science, no. Instead, it is the science of how these gmo’s interact with my body, my temple, my one true home in this lifetime, that bothers me. The idea that it can activate within me whatever it’s creator decides for it to; that it could deactivate my ability to fight off minor illnesses. That it can change my genetic make up; that it could be detrimental to my unborn children, and their children. That no one wants to consider that their health is correlated to what they eat; that gmo’s are creeping into every aspect of life; that no one really knows what the future outcome of eating these things will be…..

That, with all the reasons gmo’s are being made and produced, there lacks alternatives for our growing world. That most people won’t just start, and live off of their own production of foods; that most people don’t have a means to grow their own food. That most people don’t even know how to grow food. That most people don’t want to, to begin with. That most people are already being affected by their no aura having, dead foods, and its affect on their genomes, that they no longer care.


6 comments on “The Aura of Food

  1. 😂😂

    • Thank you for sharing! I looked at your posts on GMO’s and think that we can agree on certain things relating to their usefulness, and the reasons for concern as well.

      I interested in knowing if there was anything specific that you agreed or disagreed with?

      • Hello, yes but I cannot find your post, I am getting an error message that your website is unavailable.

      • Oh nevermind, found it. The main thing I disagreed with is that eating something with DNA can change your DNA. All plants have DNA, and if that was how our digestive systems worked we would be in a lot of trouble

      • Na'Kiima L. Reid

        Yes and I am very aware of this fact which is way I made mention to it and the specific study of such (nutrigenomics).

        All natural foods have and possess what is essential to fostering and promoting our health. My problem, is the fact that, these GMO foods are being restructured in a way that we haven’t seen before, and without very much study or research into how they are specifically altering our genomes. We have studied and have many and plenty of years to know how other, natural foods alter and aid our genomes and our DNA code.

        What we don’t know, is the same of these altered foods.

      • All new crops have genomes we haven’t seen before, no matter how they are bred. Can give an example of a food that changes the human genome?

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