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The Definitive List: What it Means to be BLACK

What does, "being black" mean? How does one qualify as a "black person?" Is there even such a thing? Find out in: Questions that need answers...

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re black and wanted to make sure that your definition of “being black” is listed; or you’re a non-black person, who wants to see if you could possibly qualify, or check off things that you’ve done to try to qualify as black (we see you Rachel Dolezal).

Either  way, this isn’t your typical list which consists of things like “run on CP time” or “know how to season chicken.” Nope, none of that. Instead, it’s like the title says, the absolute definitive list; since other lists are heavily based on stereotypes of black people. So let’s get to it:

You were the first to be, to breathe
To walk this Earth
To think.
The first to create society.
The first to learn;
The first to teach.
The first who’s ever done it
In Everything.

As the first, that means
You’ve had to create
Tools that shaved stone into shape.
Chop trees to make boats that’d
Sail across oceans and lakes.
Very innovative you are…
To be guided in journeys through extensive knowledge of the stars.

And while traveling across these
Waters and lands,
You brought along all that you know
To all of man.

With that being said
It would only make sense,
That your innovative creativity
And knowledge
would be stolen and mimicked
That others would take from you
Your created tools
And then use them and pass them
Along, without paying you
Your dues.

But the most important
Of this definitive list
Is that which can’t be stolen
Or mimicked
For within you it’s intrinsic
That which connects you
Most strongly to life source
Your soul, spirit, essence;
Your energy force.

Question why anything mentioned with soul
Is referenced as black.

A key indicator that anything “other”
Lacks just that…

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  1. Nicely penned.

  2. Great Writing!

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