The Journey Begins


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. -Lao-Tzu


NLR Writes poetry

NLR Writes truth

NLR Writes for the voiceless, and for the youth

NLR Writes opinions

NLR Writes politics

NLR Writes is creativity

Using words that’s bound to

Resonate, and stick

NLR Writes what ought to be

And that which ought not

NLR Writes

Intellectual, Creative, Thought


Hello and welcome! If you are here then you must be a critical thinker who enjoys creative expression as well. I intend to produce thought-provoking, creative pieces that express subjects of racial and human rights issues, spirituality, politics, social musings, and more.

Through poetry, short stories, and all other forms of creative writing, I hope to show that these topics are not independent from one another.

The use of NLR Writes is to be a safe space where all can enjoy the work of creatives who share in using their art, as a means to discuss the aforementioned topics. A means of having tough, but necessary dialogue, that is prompted by another’s art form.

I enjoy discussing controversial subjects and sharing my opinion as it relates; but more than that, I enjoy hearing all perspectives and having conversations about those differing views. As my overall goal, is to simply get people to think rationally, and to examine their systems of belief, and whether those are based on fact, or unfounded terms.




2 comments on “The Journey Begins

  1. Ken Stephens

    Hi NaKima,
    Your writing & reading are beautiful in themselves. Just read & heard On Beauty & was captivated by it. The donut metaphor works so well. You go right to the roots, to the beginning, to the slave-holders, & carry the lessons to the present day, to the beginnings of the police force. What you write is new & refreshing, & you challenge us to rise to your own literary & philosophical level. Good Good Good! I like the amazing African art too. I love the way we can hear your unique accent & read for ourselves at the same time. Ken Stephens

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